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Edible Image Cookies

Edible Image Cookies

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Our edible image cookies are available for order with a minimum quantity of 15 cookies, and pricing starts at $6 per cookie.

Edible image cookies are delectable treats adorned with edible designs, crafted using a thin layer of icing or fondant. These cookies showcase personalized images, patterns, or themes, adding a visually appealing and delightful element to each bite. Ideal for special events, these cookies offer a unique way to celebrate and enjoy a blend of artistry and flavour.

Please complete the custom order form and attach high-resolution images of your chosen cookies. To ensure clear outcomes, we require images of high quality. Please send the original image you'd like printed, avoiding screenshots or watermarked versions. For optimal results, aim for an image resolution of 300 dpi. An image similar in size to an iPhone photo—around 3000 x 4000 pixels and 2-3 MB—works well.


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